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Emilio De Soto

Owner, De Soto Sport

Founded in 1990, De Soto Sport has established itself as one of the most visible brands of apparel at any triathlon around the world.  Emilio De Soto is the front man and namesake of the company. Born in Cuba and now an American citizen, he has a degree in Mechanical Engineering (University of California, Santa Barbara), and an MBA in Marketing (San Diego State University). He credits his apparel knowledge in part to his education, to an affinity toward textiles and to his career as a professional triathlete. Emilio has raced since 1981 in consecutive seasons of triathlon competition and competes at the world championship amateur level. Emilio is also a certified coach and fitness trainer. He enjoys live music, trail and beach runs, ocean swims, surfing, paddling, camping and helicopter snowboarding, which he spends a significant amount of time doing each winter in Canada.  He lives with his wife Tracy, son Emilio, and two cats in a beach house at Windansea Beach in La Jolla, a suburb of San Diego, California.

In 2007, Inside Triathlon Magazine (Aug 2007) recognized Emilio as one of the top three most influential innovators in the sport.  Included among this short prestigious list were Dan Empfield (formerly of QR, and now of and Steve Hed (Hed Cycling Wheels).

In 2011 Apparel Magazine (May 2011) chose De Soto as one of the most innovative apparel companies for De Soto's groundbreaking on-demand rollout of apparel products. Rather than introducing products by the season, De Soto has the capacity to innovate, design, manufacture, and bring a product to market as soon as it is ready.   This helps to lower the strain on retailers who are concerned with steep cycles of inventory and cash turnover. De Soto was also recognized for the development of slimming garments that allow even the most novice triathletes to look lean and be aerodynamic.

De Soto takes great pride in the fact that more than 95% of all De Soto products are made here in the USA. De Soto remains a small company with energetic, enthusiastic and friendly employees. Some are triathletes some are not. The work environment, though casual in attire and filled with music, is extremely creative, constructive, and active.

De Soto is more than just a triathlon product manufacturer. The company is very involved with growing the sport through partnerships with retailers, athletes, coaches, clubs, universities, as well as with select non-profit organizations.  In 2011 De Soto raised and donated over $30,000 to the victims of the March 11 disaster in Japan.

The success of the company is evident in the customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by its retailers and its customers. De Soto is known around the world for its ability to respond to the needs of their customers quickly and with great care and consideration. De Soto's mission statement is to offer the best product with the best possible customer service in any market.

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