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Do you run a race registration engine? Are you a timer? Do you make, sell or construct and tear down bike racks, barricades, fencing, portable toilets or finish lines? Do you erect scaffolding or PA systems, or are you an announcer? Do you make swim buoys or inflatables? Do you sell or silk screen pop-up tents, swim caps, bib numbers, awards, or t-shirts? Do you build race websites?

If a race director isn't doing business with you, is it because he knows what you do, and has decided you’re not a value to him? Or, do you represent an innovation, or a talent, or superior execution, and you just haven’t been able to make your case?

Triathlon Business International is a network of people and companies who do what you do, as well as those who have skills and businesses complementary to yours. Our members move the ball forward, by serving on committees, and by meeting with media, RDs and sponsors to find ways to more efficiently get business done.

If you had the ear of business owners in these groups, what would you say to them? Here’s your chance.

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Using Technology to Reduce Expenses and Increase Quality
December 09, 2014

Rob Childers, CEO of Race Event Technologies, understands that the survival of your event(s) greatly depends on your ability to stand out in the crowded schedule. He has found that technology is the area he could make the most improvement for the smallest cost.
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To leverage the knowledge, talent, and resources of industry leaders in triathlon to the benefit of the sport. The mission will be achieved by increasing and retaining advocates of triathlon and by fostering a positive image of the sport.

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