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For three decades professional triathletes have been an integral part of the growth of triathlon, but the ability to organize; to influence; to speak with a voice greater than each individual’s voice; has eluded you. Here is an opportunity to sit alongside, and make policy with, your sponsors, potential sponsors, those who organize the races that constitute your workplace.

Triathlon Business International only gives you that opportunity, it allows you to exercise your responsibility to play a leadership role in the growth and direction of the industry you've chosen.

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Support the Industry Team up with industry leaders to guide the future
Help Your Business Learn best practices, latest trends, share ideas
Grow the Sport Work together to attract more participants to the sport
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Entry Fees: The 3rd Rail of Triathlon for the RD
September 22, 2014

It might be a mistake for someone who owns and operates events to discuss entry fees. Especially in 300 words or less. But, here goes: Entry fees are almost always too low.
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To leverage the knowledge, talent, and resources of industry leaders in triathlon to the benefit of the sport. The mission will be achieved by increasing and retaining advocates of triathlon and by fostering a positive image of the sport.

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