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Triathlon is today more than a generation old. The races you produce are no longer oddities, rather triathlon is a now a part of a local community’s fabric. Triathlons across each country are not only acknowledged, they’re expected. Because of the hard work of RDs like you this expectation translates to an invitation: Local communities want your events.

And this invitation places our sport at a crossroads. Are relationships between RDs and city fathers, convention and visitors bureaus, county and state agencies, local and regional businesses and sponsors, as strong as they can be? As large race organizations seek to move into an area, is there a protocol, or behavior standard, by which large organizations integrate with local, indigenous events and their organizers? How does the entire triathlon community efficiently grow, and coexist? In short, how do we best leverage this invitation from city fathers, as our sport moves forward?

It’s time for each race director of every size to be part of a larger conversation. Part of Triathlon Business International’s mission is to host this conversation, and to invite and help equip all who ought to be part of it: RDs, sponsors, manufacturers, media, suppliers, retailers, and athletes.

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Coeur Sports is a California based provider of women's specific endurance apparel. The fashion-forward line includes triathlon tops, triathlon shorts, cycling gear, running gear and lifestyle clothing all designed to fit and flatter a women's body.

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To leverage the knowledge, talent, and resources of industry leaders in triathlon to the benefit of the sport. The mission will be achieved by increasing and retaining advocates of triathlon and by fostering a positive image of the sport.

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