When you join Triathlon Business International, you signal that you’re an elite, trend setting, retailer in the sport of triathlon. You’re part of the only significant pan-industry organization in triathlon, and this is the place the swords are laid down and you and your fellow retailers, along with your suppliers, can share notes, strategize, and plan for the future.

Triathlon Business International is the place where your suppliers are not distracted by comfort bikes and walking shoes. They’re here to pay attention to your triathlon business; about how they can help; about what they should make; about how they might better spec their products, ship their products, and finance their products in your stores.

Triathlon Business International is the place you’ll meet tri-specific retailers like you, in other parts of the country, who fight your fight, and where each of you school the others in how to prevail in that fight. This is the organization that places you in front of the premier race organizers in your area, and in the country, so that each of you can strategize about how to maximize your sales and their entries. The enterprising retailer, and his local RD, realize the "race” doesn’t start at 7am Saturday morning, it starts four, or six, months prior. Triathlon Business International brings the parties together, in order to facilitate that process.

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Coeur Sports member since:

Coeur Sports is a California based provider of women's specific endurance apparel. The fashion-forward line includes triathlon tops, triathlon shorts, cycling gear, running gear and lifestyle clothing all designed to fit and flatter a women's body.

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To leverage the knowledge, talent, and resources of industry leaders in triathlon to the benefit of the sport. The mission will be achieved by increasing and retaining advocates of triathlon and by fostering a positive image of the sport.

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