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TBI Post-Conference Survey: No. 1 Hot Topic for Triathlon is No Surprise

Author: Jan Fambro

Date: 03/14/2017

AUSTIN, TX – March 14, 2017 – Triathlon Business International (TBI) conducted its standard post-conference survey of attendees at its recent annual business conference in Dallas. The informal survey included the question “What do you consider to be the No. 1 Hot Topic for Triathlon?” It is not a surprise that 71 percent of the respondents said “growth,” or cited related concerns including “boost participation,” “re-energizing the sport,” “increasing participation” and “raise awareness of our sport.”

With growth being the No. 1 Hot Topic, the topics rounding out the Top Five included:

  1. Growth = 71%
  2. Oversaturation of events in the USA; disparity between events = 10%
  3. Diversity (gender, ethnicity, events) = 9%
  4. Unity in the industry with clear, collective messaging = 6%
  5. Successful marketing/promotions for events, retailers = 4%

The words “survival” and “sustainability” were used frequently by respondents in the open-ended question and speak to the general concern of multisport businesses about the current direction of the sport as a whole.

One person mentioned the need to talk about millennials and how they impact the future of the sport. Researcher Dr. Amy Thayer spoke at the Conference focusing on “Who Are Millennials and How Do You Reach Them.”  As millennials are some 81 million strong they are becoming the most impactful generation since the baby boomers.  As discussed at the Conference during Dr. Thayer’s session, multisport race producers, service providers, retailers and manufacturers will need to pay attention to this very large market.

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